US Statutes at Large

Current sources include 95,133 texts from three sources for a total of 138,892,619 words.

 The Iinital Three Sources are:

Founders Online ( over 90,000 records (mostly personal records, letters, diaries, etc. ) from the National Archives.

Broken Down by individual words, the Founders Online we are using represent the following founders.

Author Words
Washington Papers 12,044,694
Adams Papers 7,274,489
Hamilton Papers 3,895,699
Franklin Papers 2,578,518
Jefferson Papers 1,726,603
Madison Papers 119,680

HeinOnline (The largest legal publisher in the United States)

Just over 300 records.  These are mostly session laws, executive department reports, and legal treatises.

Evans Bibliography of Early American Imprints covering the time frame of 1760 to 1799.  Roughly over 3000 texts from Evan’s work American bibliography : a chronological dictionary of all books, pamphlets and periodical publications printed in the United States of America from the genesis of printing in 1639 down to and including the year 1820 ;with bibliographical and biographical notes.  We were given t a third of Evans available and about half of that was within our time frame.  It was shared with us by the University of Michigan’s Text Creation Project (TCP).


Initial version loaded with non-corrected OCR text.  Minimal Metadata added.

Process all available US Statutes at Large with descriptive meta data to support faceted searching.

US Statues at Large (
The laws passed by the first five Congresses of the United States of America.  This covers the years 1789 -1799.

US Statutes at Large

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