Application Instructions

Copy the following questions and your attached answers into an email, with the subject line “internship application,” which you will forward to the internship coordinator. No prerequisite coursework or training is required to apply and participate in the internship. This form is only meant to confirm your commitment and give feedback for future recruitment.


In a brief single paragraph, please describe your current understanding of “law and corpus linguistics” as an idea.


Where/when did you first hear about law & corpus linguistics?


Where/when did you first hear about this internship?


Do you have future goals for going to law school, grad school, or working in either the field of linguistics or the law?


How can we help you accomplish those goals?


What are your main interests in this internship? Do you have any interest in publishing scholarship (a paper in a student journal, law review, etc.) related to law & corpus linguistics?


What, if anything, would you like to see happen as part of your experience with the internship?


What is your major/minor? List any Linguistics, History, Political Science, or additional classes that you have taken that you feel are relevant.


How many hours are you available/willing to dedicate to the internship? (There is no minimum hour requirement; we only account for the figure that you express, whether it’s one hour per week or ten hours per week.)